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Tips about hotel linen

How to choose the best linen for our hotel?

How hard could it be to choose sheets and bath linen for your hotel? What about table covers for the restaurant?
The answer to that is difficult as in general there is a lot of suppliers and everything depends on our budget, hotel/restaurant segment, our laundry department and plenty of other little factors which normally should affect our decision.
One thing is for sure – everyone notices on what he sleeps on and on what he eats on!!!
There are several steps that should be followed when choosing a professional linen.
1. Check your budget – there is no point wasting your time with offers way out of your reach.
2. Ensure that the quality of the chosen products match the quality of your venue – Do not seek to spend lees when not needed as this will affect the overall quality of your product. Order enough linen and bath towels(at least 3 times the number of beds/tables you operate. If you have a SPA centre order additional bath robes and towels.)
3. Thing with prospective – ask for a warranty on the number of washes at specific temperature. The average life a the professional linen is 2-3 years and depend on the water used for washing, the chemicals used for laundry.
4. Check in advance how is your linen going to be washed. If you have own laundry department check is the material compatible with the chemicals you use. Check if the equipment used for washing is suitable for the chosen material. If you are outsourcing your laundry – do a research in these lines.
5. Choose carefully the material for your linen. Some materials look good but after a few washes are going down for good.
6. Choose a suitable way to display your logo on the linen – it is good to have your bath linen branded with your logo and the sheets to be colour coded for ease of use.

What should you be aware of:
Normally the sheets and the bath linen are characterised with their weight in grams (average values should be between 450 and 600 for the bath linen, and a little less for the sheets.) - All new sheets and bath linen are shrinking down and deforming after the first wash – ask if the supplier has allowed for that. There is a good chance that you pillowcases will be smaller than the pillows. - The average production time is between 20 and 40 working days. - The cut of the linen is very important for the appearance of the professional linen after the first few washes. Ask your supplier for more info.
This is it. Short and not overly complex. However do not underestimate the importance of these steps as you may well find yourself in a situation.
If you have problems finding the right supplier or choosing the right type of linen please get in touch. We will do our best to help.



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